Website Design & Development

Any real business must have a website these days. And this website should accurately reflect the uniqueness and competitive advantages of your business. A visually appealing and user friendly design is the root to a compelling website. Investing in a unique and high quality website is thus not just a good idea, it is vital to your business.

Your company’s website has the power to shape the way world views and thinks about your business. It is a platform which projects your vision on an international scale. Is it possible to translate your vision into a website? We can do that for you.

Our Website Design and Development Process

• Design Questionnaire: We need some information about your business to create a design that defines your core values and missions. To make it easier, we have created a website design questionnaire that will help us understand your business.

• Research & Brainstorming: Once we have all the information about your business, we start competition research and brainstorming to create an online branding strategy for your business. We discuss this strategy with you before we finalize it.

• Designing: We start to design the homepage and inner pages of your business website depending upon your requirements, and send you the same for feedback.

• Revisions: Based on your feedback we make changes to the design.

• Development: Once the design is ready we either deliver it to our website development team. Our development team translates the design into a fast and search engine optimized website, preferably using WordPress as a CMS.

• Testing: Once the website is ready, we deploy it on your web server so that you can test it for a specified amount of time depending upon our contract. If any bugs are found, they will be fixed immediately.

• Final Delivery and Maintenance: Once everything is thoroughly tested, we mark the project as completed. We then maintain your website to meet the emerging web standards as specified in our Maintenance contract.

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